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Your Story Matters Videography and Personal DocumentariesYour Story Matters Videography and Personal Documentaries Life Story Writing
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The stories you value most preserved in a lasting form.
It's not therapy, but most people find it therapeutic.

Life Story Writing

Very simply, life story writing is available to everyone. It is a way of telling and preserving the stories from your life that matter most to you. Life story writing comes straight from whatever "makes you tick" and reaches out to strengthen your connection across the generations.

Life story writing does not require previous experience as a writer. In fact, experience of life is all you need! Put your family history and most cherished stories in a form that your descendents and local community will be able to learn from and be inspired by for generations to come.

The Your Story Matters team trained in the art of guiding others in their own life story writing with Denis Ledoux, founder of the Soleil Lifestory Network, and the Turning Memories into Memoirs method.

Current workshops include:
Introduction to Turning Memories into Memoirs
including guided reminiscence, life review, and an exploration of writing the ethical will - an ancient tradition that is making a comeback.

Every project that Your Story Matters takes on is as unique as the story it tells or the event it captures. For this reason, I collaborate with you to design your project to suit your tastes and priorities.

Please call me for a free 30-minute phone consultation and estimate.

Tel:  413-522-0789

What is the process?

Your Story Matters uses family storytelling, interviews, conversations, and all the mementos you can provide such as photos, home movies, music, poetry, and artwork to create your Life Story. We offer as much guidance as you would like to clarify what you want to include and what you want your Life Story to express.

Since 1982, I have been asked to tell the stories of individuals, couples, families, clans, and organizations of many kinds to preserve the faces, voices, and values that matter most to them.

My passion for creating a visual and audio record of rituals, celebrations, and conversations from every stage of life from giving birth to the end of life grew out of an early interest in anthropology, spirituality, and ways of life that differed from my own.

I am now a seasoned documentary director, camerawoman, editor, personal historian, and life story writing coach. Life Story Writing has become my specialization for two reasons. Creating Life Stories allows me to use all of my skills with the greatest subtlety and gives me the greatest joy.

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Tel: 413-522-0789

We're in Turners Falls in the Pioneer Valley -- the heart of western Massachusetts.

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